Designs and The Process

Passion imports

Design and The Process

The design process with Passion Imports is a breeze. First off you send a design with a vision. Then we put your vision on paper and make a dream into a reality. You can either send your design or we can personally help make the logo or design you desire.

Our Quality Vegas Edition Prints

From deep detail prints to complex imagery, we are able to produce the best prints on the best tee shirts.

After you have given your vision you select the handful of garments, that range from tee-shirts, hoodies, shorts, short-sleeves, and yes even hats.

Women Garments

Men Garments

Once we finalize the print and material, we fire up our state of the art machines. Then start putting your idea on your desired apparel and a vision soon becomes a high quality product.

For any questions or concerns, please refer to the contact page.

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